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The “andrea meirana architects” studio was founded in 1990.
Since its beginning, its professional activity has always been balanced with academic research and university lecturing. At the faculty of architecture in Genoa it has initiated and leaded design, scenography and masters courses.
Principal projects over the last six years combine restaurant, bar, hotel, shop and public-space design with contemporary living and have being published extensively in books and reviews both nationally and internationally.
The office is composed by a concentrated hand-picked team of architects and engineers with skills and specialisations specific to the practices design philosophy. The exploitation of IT devices is an essential tool in the interactive process of problem solving with clients and assuring end result quality for sophisticated solutions.
The design force, no matter what scale of project, is concentrated on the refinement of reduced elements that are then accentuated and enriched by the contraposition of evocative agents in the communal imagination.
The results make strong impact; are emotive, borrow images from the memory and communicate on different levels from functional to artistic.